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Your event - great pictures

Interesting for your customers:

  • Quick deliverie
  • All pictures will be selected by hand, adjusted and then published

Your advantage:

  • We don't trust the automatic mode of the camera. Extra work - which has a massive impact on the final quality.
  • The clothing and the appearance always corresponds to your event.
  • We can deal with your guests without being intrusive!
  • We also speak English
  • We keep your images in the archive, they are available to you for years. Our archive goes back to 1974, the year we were founded.
Event photography, press conferences, awards, press photos or reportage photos of your event, party photos, customer events, product presentations, honors, incoming and incentive meetings

Mini report

up to a maximum of 1/2 hour

220€ (with tax 264€)

up to 100 shots,
including basic image editing, conversion, archiving and permission to use all images

Driving few including mileage allowance
per ½ hour
55€ (with tax 66€)

Event report

fair billing

Report with On-Camera Flashes

first hour
275€ (with tax 330€)

additional hour
175€ (with tax 198€)

daily fee up to 8 hours
1100€ (with tax 1320€)

including basic image editing, conversion, archiving and permission to use all images

Driving few including mileage allowance
per ½ hour
55€ (with tax 66€)

Instant Photos

  • The gag for your event
  • A few minutes of excitement
  • A little image waving
  • The surprise of what emerges

Weinwurm Sofortbild Fotos
photographers fee with instant photo equipment (also in combination with event reports, we will make you an individual offer)

per hour
275€ (with tax 330€)

Sofortbild, 6x10 cm
2,90€ (with tax 3,60€)

Driving few including mileage allowance
per ½ hour
55€ (with tax 66€)

Waiver of Copyright

It is required by law to name the author, even if you have paid for the rights to use the work with:
© Weinwurm-Fotografie.at

save trouble - waiver of attribution per series

200€ (with tax 240€)

some sample reports from 2022

Portfolio Review mit Christine de Grancy

in der Wirtschaftskammer Wien 27.06.2022

Führung mit Lois Lammerhuber

La Gacilly-Baden 28.06.2022

Sommerfest Wirtschaftsbund Wien

Springer Schlössl, Wien 05.07.2022

some sample reports from 2021


a´Frisella 14.10.2021

some sample reports from 2018

Best of Talents

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich 05.03.2018

Crazy Shoes

Wirtschaftskammer Wien 26.04.2018

Sieger aus Leidenschaft_140518

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich 14.05.2018


Wirtschaftsbund Wien 16.05.2018

Filmdreh Dreck-bleib-weg

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich 19.05.2018


FCG 12.06.2018

World Record Slime

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich 14.06.2018


FCG 15.12.2018

High Level Forum, Afrika-Europa

Embassy of Mauritius 18.12.2018

some sample reports from 2017


BMW France 22.01.2017

Best of Talents

WKÖ 02.03.2017

Galanacht der Gastronomie

Gastronomieclub 03.03.2017

3te Piste

Wirtschaftsbund Wien 25.04.2017

Sieger aus Leidenschaft

WKÖ 15.05.2017


WKÖ 21.09.2017

100 Jahre Haydnkino

Haydnkino 09.11.2017


Cantinetta Antinori 10.11.2017

some sample reports from 2009

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