Photo Business Cards

„Get annoyed too, after every visit to trade fairs you have a stack of business cards and no idea who it was."

Your customers feel the same way, so the photo was missing!

— Michael Weinwurm, Photographer and lecturer

We photograph different shots that correspond to the position or the product. Unsure about the selection - we advise you to take the right picture here as well.

Reorders and enlargments, anytime possible.

  • Styling and Outfitcontrol
  • Welcome-drink
  • 1 position, choose out of 5-10 shoots
  • the file will be corrected and manuel retouched

for companies:

  • light and background situation that is as constant as possible
  • individual appointment (ensures maximum satisfaction with hairdresser or time)
  • Adaptation to the company CI
  • Studioshoot, choose after shooting

  • Text input including design and logo implementation (to be delivered digitally)

  • Printing depending on edition and version

    upon request

Make-up artist

Business - make-up

Our make-up artists emphasize your advantages with special professional make-up and smoothe the skin.

It makes you look fresh and well-groomed. Business make-up is subtle and appropriate to the job. Cover redness, mattify with photo powder.

Man in Studio (decent, business-style) 24,17€ (with tax 29€)
+ hairstyling +10€ (with tax 12€)

For women, decorative make-up can also be added as desired. Effective eyes, lips appropriate to type.

Woman in Studio 40,83€ (with tax 49€)
+ Hairstyling short hair +13,33€ (with tax 16€)
+ Hairstyling long hair +20,83€ (with tax 25€)

Make-up on location, as required 
ab 166,67€ 
(with tax up 200€)

Only with appointment!
For reasons of hygiene, we ask you to bring your own mascara!
But you can also buy one of the professional make-up company Nouba from us.


reading pictures

We are trained in reading hidden statements of posture and body language based on scientific principles. Dabei spielt die Körperhaltung und die Körpersprache eine wichtige Rolle.

After taking the photos, the data is saved on our server, backed up and manually color-optimized and roughly adjusted. This happens throughout the day.

Choosing on the next working day is free.
Choosing right after taking the picture 29€
Online choosing, Webportal for 12 months 49€
Contact sheet 49€

Bevor es losgeht, noch ein paar Tipps

  • Informieren Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter welches Gewand gewünscht ist
  • Lassen Sie die Mitarbeiter, einen Vertrag wegen der DSGVO unterschreiben, wir haben auch Vorschläge
  • Terminvereinbarung ausschließlich telefonisch unter 01 523 74 16 (bitte keine anderen Kontaktmöglichkeiten angeben)
  • Haare und Nägel stylen empfehlen
  • Der letzte Solariumbesuch sollte zwei Tage zurück liegen

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