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We make you to the star of your customers!

Show who you are, for a company, for your art or for politics.

Your Portrait - professional

A felicitous portrait shows success and competence. It conveys image-defining pictures in the mind of your custumers and central messages.

These messages are an essential part of your communication. Communication needs trust, trust grows from transparency, authenticity and credibility.

We help to present you as active, successful and goal-oriented. Benefit from our know-how. An image boost that can be measured quickly.


press photo

one pose in studio
professional photography
individual background

select from:
5 to 10 shots
choose right after taking the picture

phototaking incl. 1 File:
portrait one person 220€ (with tax 264€)
grouppicture 275€ (with tax 330€)

each further taken file 64€ (with tax 80€)
with full publication permit, image editing, manual retouching, cutout, storage and archive


studio series

different postures
professional photography
individual backgrounds
also groupphotos

select from:
up to 50 shots

phototaking fee:
250€ (with tax 300€)

each taken file 64€ ((with tax 80€)
with full publication permit, image editing, manual retouching, cutout, storage and archive

2. Outfit: further positions and a change
25€ (with tax 30€)


Vor Ort

different postures
professional photography
in your company, office or an an agreed place,
also groupphotos

select from:
more than 50 shots

phototaking fee:
(with tax 600€)

1st hour with set-up and dismantling, location search

every taken file 64€ (with tax 80€)
with full publication permit, image editing, manual retouching, cutout, storage and archive.

further hour 220€(with tax 264€)

driving fee ever 1/2 hour 55€(with tax 66€)


Make-up artist

Business - make-up

Our make-up artists emphasize your advantages with special professional make-up and smoothe the skin.

It makes you look fresh and well-groomed. Business make-up is subtle and appropriate to the job. Cover redness, mattify with photo powder.

Man in Studio (decent, business-style) 32,50€ (with tax 39€)
+ hairstyling +12,50€ (with tax 15€)

For women, decorative make-up can also be added as desired. Effective eyes, lips appropriate to type.

Woman in Studio 49,17€ (with tax 59€)
+ Hairstyling short hair +15,84€ (with tax 19€)
+ Hairstyling long hair +32,5€ (with tax 39€)

Make-up on location, as required 
ab 200€ 
(with tax up 220€)

Only with appointment!
For reasons of hygiene, we ask you to bring your own mascara!
But you can also buy one of the professional make-up company Nouba from us.


We help to reading pictures

We advise according to scientifically sound principles, trained in handling and reading hidden statements in the portraits.

Posture and body language play an important role.

After photographs have been taken, the data is stored on our server, secured finaly color-optimized and roughly adjusted by hand. That happens throughout the day.

Choosing on the next working day is free.

Choosing right after taking the picture
24,17€ (with tax 29€)

Online choosing, webportal for 12 months
40,83€ (with tax 49€)

gift voucher

individually designable

Waiver of Copyright

It is required by law to name the author, even if you have paid for the rights to use the work with:

save trouble - waiver of attribution per series

200€ (with tax 240€)

Start the challenge

1. To look good

We help to get the right message across.

We support you for meaningful portraits. We use high-quality equipment and our professional knowledge with great success.

We know the non-verbal body signals.

Take any drafts or color samples with you to the photo session.

2.Favorable “All Inclusive Price”

Permission to use the work included, without further subsequent billing.

Professional images that you can use unrestricted at any time.

You choose the images you want to use from a large number of photographs.

After extensive business retouching, the images are made available to you as high-resolution files.

Only to name the author


is required by law.

3. Time is money

Short prearrangement times, swiftly and flexible appointments.

As little time as possible for the shooting in the studio or on site.

Book our make-up artists, not every make-up or every powder is seen in intended way by the camera. We only use photo-real tested products - so we spared surprises.

Short image processing guarantees quick delivery times.

4. Tips before we start

At the photo shoot you should be fresh, not stressed and rested
  • Choose clothing that you feel comfortable in and that reflects the company or messaget
  • If you are not sure, bring a few different parts and we will choose together
  • Make sure you wear clothes that fit and are ironed
  • Not too much jewellery
  • No free upper arms and deep necklines
  • Fine structures in clothing can lead to artifacts on the screen
  • Styling hair and nails, shaving neatly for men

some samples





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